hello world

Mohammad Javad Ghasemy

Hello World

my name is Mohammad Javad Ghasemy. i live in Iran and born in Friday, August 18, 2000. you are reading my blog so i want to give some data from my mind to you.

iam a lazy programmer and for now i’m working on PHP - Laravel - Wordpress - JS (React, node) but i love new things like Rust - game development - realtime problems.

my idea about make this blog is to share, learn and practice my life. i’m not english native but i will write english here (sorry about my bad english skill) but i just want to practice english and for now i want to write a weekly report for 100day about my programming life and also i will fight with my mind forever here :D

so it’s a challenge :D.

100 Day with a programmer.

you will watch this content for next 100 days (100 / 7 ~= 15Post) here :

  • some dream about Rust
  • a little trash about PHP
  • something about my lazy work
  • more dreams about Games, phisycs and Socket and realtime problems
  • maybe some learn stuff about Wordpress and React (i’m very bad fronEnd developer)
  • some hope about my university :D

where you can find me.

Also this blog has a Trello board (but i’m lazy than write anythings there :D) geeksesi.ir Trello Board

about the Blog

so this blog maded by Hexo using markdown for write posts and will publish in Github Page so you can watch the source of my blog in geeksesi.ir Github any contribute are welcome :D

my dreams :

i want to be a full backEnd developer and also i love the game development but it’s realy hard and i have not time and money to spend time for learn and practice it for full time. because this i will write too much about my dreams in game an hope to work on it.


it’s WTFPL. don’t worry to Copy my content or change everythings. you are free to do anything. GoodLuck.