get love and money together

it’s a story about some choices around of me. it’s not a technical post or something usefull in your job 🤷‍♂️. you just will read some stuff here.\

The Story

this story begone from a little day ago, i have a friend he’s a IT man (if you can imaging me in programmer you can imaging him in IT job 😉).
we did start to work for a company in about 3 years ago for about 6 month. (level of our knowladge on that’s time was about Zero[about professional work])
me as a student programmer and him as a student IT assitant working there.
in this 3 years i focused on programming, include a lot of free work and learn new things. (i’m full time unemployed but i learn a loth things in this time)
but he decied to earn money, but who will employe a student for a proficiency work ? so he start to do part time coffe man and part time a IT man. 🤨
we meet each other in last week and he said : “i tierd coffe work and i want to start serious work as IT man.”
so in first case we must to know what he earnd in this time ?\

  • some IT degree (Cisco, Windows server, …){ realy i don’t know what are these :)) }
  • Associate degree (from here)
  • and have a lot theory information about IT

i met him because of a work.
i paid my time in a mosque because there is good place to work and i have room for my self on there. (a part of build is for club and i’m a part of them)
we have some problem in club place with network, printers and i did config them by my low knowledge about IT and network.\

  • some of problem is like 2 of network printers doesnot work.
  • wifi router need to restart after a while (just i can’t undrestand why. 🙄)
  • even i can’t install operation system on some of those device 😶
  • also we have one of these and i have noooo idea about it. a device like this
  • and many other problem that i don’t want to paid time to fix them.

i asked him for configure there devices.
think you can imagine a man with good knowledge but without experience. he is one of them.

so, for now after 3years of the time we started to know about our love. my job as a free worker (unpaid) has done, but my friends job is started.
he earnd too much money than i, in this 3 years but he must to work free for experince while he is 21 years old.


this story is not about a success and fail. it’s a story about a choice and the result of that choice.
all of us have some dream, and we have a point. everybody want to arrive to the point. but sometimes we decied to choose a choice who will make us far from our point.
i want to be a game developer but now because of money i’m working on wordpress.
all of my plans, hopes and sources are in a side and i can’t paid attention to them because of my project who i do for money.
i don’t want to say my friends did wrong job. noo, he choice what he can choice.
this article is just a alert for my self to pay attentions to my hopes, not just money.

end of article

i have no idea about what did i wrote here. it’s just a part of my mid who don’t want to belive the life 🤩 and i love this part because whithout this i will become a hope less none-human 🤪.
so i want to finish this article. soo, bye untile the next shit aritcle like this 😅